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Miniature statues by 


Hayuta Marcus


Hayuta was born and raised in Israel, is an outgoing person and is very involved in community life. She adores life and human beings and where others see only gray, she sees the color beyond. Her artistry is expressed in various art forms. For the last ten years, she has developed her own unique style of miniatures using various techniques.


The Miniatures

Hayuta succeeds in the transformation of “cold” materials, glass and metal, into “warm” figurines of people. These colorful figurines and their unique stories are presented with a lot of vitality. Hayuta adores music and this is manifested in the various instruments that appear amongst her miniatures. These miniatures are delightful and guaranteed to bring a smile to people's faces from all over the world.

The miniatures presented in this unique exhibition portray Hayuta's belief that all women possess their own individual inner "strength" and each expresses it differently.


Symbolic Gold and silver jewelry with personal adaptation by


Lior Knafo


Personal Spirituality Customized Matching Silver Gold Precious Gem-Stones Ornaments Jewelry Rings Pendant Necklace Bracelet Earring Lior Shaish Knafo designs jewelry.

Lior Shaish Knafo designs and creates personal ornaments (jewelry) with love and joy, unlike anything in today’s marketplace. The ornaments are unique in their appearance, meaning, intention, movement, interwoven blessing and most of all, in their energy and intensity. The ornaments are appropriate for conveying different feelings and messages: to express esteem and appreciation, encouragement and reinforcement, love and partnership, support and productiveness, new beginnings and more. Lior Shaish Knafo creates the ornaments in a special and unique process together with the client. The process of creation begins with a personal dialogue of about one hour. In this discussion, the clients express and reflect on their wishes and their thoughts for the desired ornament. Lior designs the ornament, according to the needs and wishes of the clients - it is created especially for them and in the spirit of the dialogue! The ornaments are made of silver, gold and with precious gem-stones. Symbols with spiritual meaning are integrated into the process of design and creation - symbols that express the emotional message and values that the client is interested in imparting for that special occasion. For both personal and formal occasions: official gift for delegations, end of the year gifts to teachers, valued employees, recognition of outstanding employees, intimate gift to a partner or friend, personal and unique gift for engagements, festive occasions for parents and grandparents (gold/silver wedding)… in essence for any occasion!! Each ornament includes a personal certificate from the designer.

Metal Sculptures by


Yoma Segev 

Mosaic, Judaica Art and Work shop by


Naomi Greenberg 

Abstract paintings by


Shoshana Knafot


My name is Eshel and I am the son of Miss

Shoshana Knafo Knafot an abstract painter.

My mom was born in Kibbutz Degania Bet at the

Jordan Valley near the Kinneret at the north of Israel. My mom uses to write and paint since her childhood, today she mainly paints with acrylic, less with gouache, oil, and watercolor, on canvas, carton, and papers. She likes to make big size pictures up to 2000x2400mm. My mom sees herself as an abstract painter and when we ask her what does she mean by that she use to say it is a composition of colors and shapes to create a pleasant experience to the observer.


פסטיבל האמנים גדרה - בתים פתוחים ב- 23-24/3/2018

Gedera Artists' Festival - Open Houses on 23-24/3/2018

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