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Like Home, Gedera-Room-BnB

Our service commitment, obligation, responsibility and duty declaration

I am Eshel Knafo the owner, operator, and manager of Like Home, Gedera-Room-BnB,


Located in Hagoren St, Gedera, Israel,


Hereby declare:

•              I run Like Home as a business to have profit

•              Our prices are not the cheaper but never the highest in the area.

•              I am the person that will accept you the check-in

•              I am the responsible for the service and maintenance of the rooms

•              I am the one who cleans the rooms

•              I am the one you can/should contact at any time to solve any problems with

               the rooms, and also I am willing to give my best help for any other Gedera's / Israel's

               guest/tourist to find what they need.

•              For that risen my contact info is: +972-54-8085377/


On the other hands:


At our place we do not accept or allow any of the followings:


•              Parties, riots, orgies, rioting, etc.

•              Inviting/hosting/having more guests than booked the original reservation

•              Drugs

•              Pets (sorry, we love pets and have one but decided not to allow pets at those

                rooms because of cleaning allergy sanitary and hygienic reasons.

•              Rent neither by hour nor for "day use".

•              Smoking inside the rooms.  But you can smoke outside.

•              And last we do not like "Not Show"


About our place:

  • Our place is not top luxury, it is a small private business which is growing step by step and we invest every year to improve our facilities for our guest's needs.

  • All our publication are true and authentic include all the photos you see, the only change I might have done at the pictures is to add more light (my camera is not professional, yet)

  • I do not iron the bedding but definitely rinses them with high-quality detergents (Ariel) including fabric softener.

  • I do vacuum cleaning all over the place and washes the floor with lots of water. I clean with strong cleaning material the toilets and the bathroom by myself.

  • Force majeure and Murphy:

  • Nothing is perfect but I will do my best and try to be promptly available for any problem or help needed.



We give 100% trust but we are not suckers, we believe in goodwill and give each person one-time opportunity with 100% trust.

Hoping guests will not take advantage of this, we know, and we will publish at anyway any bad behavior of guests to prevent others to get hurt and to make those guests to pay for their bad behavior and stop doing so.




We can deal with music as long it does not being heard outside nor disturbs us or to our neighbors!


Local laws: ​Is a must

Communication and Coordination of Check-In time: Is a must


Cancelation: ​Be fair and be honest and we will be more.


Customer's satisfaction review:

We will be happy to have guest Satisfaction Feedback on good experience J

If you are happy to tell your friends if not tell us J

We will never delete bad but fair review from the lists.

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