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My Vision

Who does not like to see new places meet different cultures and people?


My Project:

I decided to convert and upgrade my offices to accommodations retraining center which offer a discounted place to stay by AirBnB & CouchSurfing for tourists, travelers and business people who come to Israel. Also, I can offer office or clinic to rent by the hour or day.  


My Vision: 

In recent years I used to work in procurement management and international trade, with the time I discovered that I enjoy more from the traveling abroad and the meeting with people and new cultures than doing business. Recently I found a way to bring this experience and the international atmosphere into everyday life at my own house.



There are two key things which prevent us doing this more, the first is the high cost and the other is the lack of free time. Recently the new international social atmosphere grows two international social networks, one is AirBnB which engaged in connecting tourists with local private hosts, for a short period, at discounted prices. The second network is CouchSurfing which engaged in connecting tourists with local private hosts which invite tourists to sleep for free at their own houses, for short period, it can be on the living room couch, in spare room, or on the carpet in the den, all this against goodwill, mutual trust and big smile, and is free of charge. Those networks enable tourist a low-cost accommodations, and helps households to get extra income. This is a beautiful example of collaborative socio-economic struggle which is also a mutual help that also connects people, helps tourists, guide and show them the country regions and its culture. This is cultural exchange and enrichment to both sides that connects different people from all over the globe; We are all one global village. 



Gedera is centrally located in the coastal plain, close to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod, and roads 4,6,7,40. The rooms are at heart of the old residential neighborhood within walking distance from entertainment venues. Gedera has Tourism sites from the period of Hbiloaim (1882 ), Gedera main street is a preservation project.  Bereshit café, Yafe Light Vintage store, Nachmani gallery, Ggedera artist club, Judaica Mosaic, jewelry, metal sculptor Volume, glass vitrage sculptor, Designer Clothes, Boutique,,


Added Value: 

I joined the hottest hits in the field of discounted accommodation for tourists, it's a great alternative to searching for every state relatives to stay with them. Apparently, there is a world of people who open their home door and are ready to share it with foreign visitors. Airbnb engaged in hosting tourists cheaply, while CouchSurfing deals with arrangements free accommodation. The merger of the two projects contributes to reducing the costs of tourist accommodation, author peoples from countries and cultures around the world. This union also contributes to the social struggle in Israel and abroad to lower the cost of living and making extra income to families, as well as presents and expose Israel and its citizens to the global village community. And at the spirit of the time of "back to the community", these project is contributing to society. Free hosting will increase the capacity, traffic, customer base, activity and buzz in the place. The rooms will be designed in the spirit of "sound, shape, and color in nature", wind chimes, Chinese lanterns, artistic photos, and pictures of the wildlife photographer reporting from around the world in which he photographs.


Hosting Center: 

The hosting center will operate the web site to gather and publish relevant regional tourist information for our member club and its guests, including the list of tourist attractions and links, will offer business services like transportation, coordinating tours, locating manufacturers and suppliers, link with officials and institutions, and so forth. A known nature's photographer will administer and be published on our blog his experiences and photos from his trips and the photograph locations that he visits around the world. The rooms will be rented also on daily or hourly base for medical treatment, business meeting or consulting hourly or daily rent office or clinic for the benefit of therapy and counseling sessions.



My House Is Your House,  Make Yourself At Home, Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Guest House 



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