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What to See Do Eat at Gedera
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  Do, See Eat in Gedera 

What to Do:


Buying, see Olive Harvest, Grape harvest Honey soldiers, Vineyards, Self-fruit picking season, symbol customized Jewelry designer, Abstract paintings, Glass and pewter figurines, Mosaic works, Music, Judaic, make Mosaic, Tour area, Beachcombing, swimming pool, Playing Tennis, Fitness room, Drink Coffee, pray at our Synagogue, visit Visiting the sick at Hospital Herzfeld. Entertainment, Attractions, Activity, Things to do in Gedera, Gedera Tourism, Best of Gedera, Live it Like a Local, Attractions, Family Outings, Gedera Vacation Rentals & Short Term Rentals..

What to Eat:


Oriental Restaurant, Pizzeria, Ice Cream Shop, Coffee Shop, Pub, Barbecue, On Fire, Steaks, Skewers, Pullet, Kebab, Hearts, Malawach, Cuba, Warm, Falafel,Pita, Yemeni Pita, Thistle, Crop, Gagnon, Sabich, Hummus, Milling, Masabha, Bakery, Pies, Borax, Pizza, Alcohol, Hookah, Sushi,,



Where to Eat:


Othman, Baraka, Rosemarie, Joe Coffee, Café Café, Genesis Restaurant, Cafe Tamar, Simony, Falafel Dumpty, Pizza Hat, Domino's Pizza, Pizza, Restaurants, Coffins,

What to See:


The founders house, Court settlement, Water Tower, Synagogue, Museum, Water well, Old house, Hospital Herzfeld, Sheltered housing, Metal sculpture, Paintings Galleries, Designer Boutique, Clothing stores, Gifts to, Olive oil, Honey, Vineyards, Self fruit picking season, Jewelry designer, Abstract paintings, Glass and pewter figurines, Mosaic works, Music, Judaic, Ornaments home Lighting, and vintage furniture.

join Anita Schwadron Treger's‎‏ a Guided Tour in Gedera:


Abu military service Rhodes and Sharm
From the age of six in the country, grew up in Moshav Timurim
Born in Baltimore, United States-Sheikh-Maharshal 72
A graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem / BA in Social Work
Israel Police Service - Youth crime prevention officer and welfare officer
Retraining studies teacher at Beit Berl
English Teacher
Studies Trgm- family business Anglokt Translation Translation Services
Course Escort blue / Escort / Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam / Montenegro / Northern Italy
The course guides stable
Tour guide and instructor at Mintz- entertainment Gedera Museum
Today she works as a guide independently.
Different tracks across the country,
Tour Gedera a Snake from Odessa to Adis' and more and more groups of retirees, workers, friends, and more English and Hebrew


Contact to coordinate: +972-54-8153666


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