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Like Home in the COVID-19 Coronavirus days

... Following a "special government meeting, the return to the routine of the tourism industry in Israel was approved, and it was agreed on the first stage - which will return to activity in rooms and hotels with ground-floor rooms, starting on May 3. Businesses will be required to adapt to the purple character". ..


Corona in Gedera - link to the Ministry of Health website map with the latest Corona exposes >>>>


Cleaning adjust procedures at Like-Home.

* The purple character for activating zimmer's - Following the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we have updated our cleaning procedures in accordance with recommendations, procedures, and guidelines for operating of Zimmer's by Health Ministry in Israel, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, the AirBnB, Booing, our commonsense and personal experience.

*  Before - We spent 3-4 hours cleaning a unit, lifting furniture, removing linen towels, vacuuming, washing, cleaning with materials suitable for the floor, laundry, shower, toilet, kitchen and its accessories. We also kept the unit ventilated and removed the blankets and pillows for ventilation and "sunbathing" in the garden.

*  Today - Dedicate about 4-6 hours to cleaning units carefully on the existing procedure and in addition to the final cleaning we conduct a disinfectant with bleach spray in the shower, bathroom and kitchen, and disinfectant with alcohol spray in the living room and bed room, handle door handles, cabinets and taps, signs and switches, and increasing ventilation time intervals between new guests.

*  Check-in - We welcome guests outside in the courtyard, perform Temperature check, provide explanation, registration and collection, conduct short tour within the unit for orientation operation, wearing a mask and keep distance 2m.

*  Temperature check – At the Check-In.

*  The place -  Is managed and operated by only one person.

*  Social remoteness - From the start our units are isolated and have no areas with shared use, each unit has a private yard and garden, without meeting guests from different units.

*  Minimum Nights - To reduce people's turnover and ease cleaning and costs we have increased to 3 nights.

*  Cleaning and personal protection equipment - Each unit has hand soap, masks, alcohol gel, tissue, toilet paper, paper towels, gloves, extra linen and towels for self-exchange, self-cleaning equipment and laundry.

*  Laundry - Use the highest permissible temperature for the fabric type and more wash the upholstery covers and decorative pillows.

*  Dishes and cutlery - Washed in boiling water.

*  One-time cleaning fee - Temporarily raised to 70 USD$ / reservation.

*  Cancellation Policy - Implemented and in accordance with each case.

*  Prices - 10% Corona discount is given.


Like Home

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