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Looking 4 Short-Term Accommodation?

Private suite with 5 beds (01)

Like Home, Gedera-Room-BnB is Israeli Zimmer located in central Israel and provides short & mid-term residence accommodation. 

Private suite with 6 beds (03)

Among our customers can be found tourists, travelers, visitors, businessman, local guests, people in the transition between apartments & houses or during their house renovation.


Our private suites are fully furnished and equipped in residential apartments.

Although we don't have 5 stars nor a prestigious deluxe hotel, our amenities and facilities are higher than a hotel, it is much more Like Home than an alienated strange place.
I am committing here for truth in the advertising, reliability and quality service.  >>>


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Best place to stay
צימר למגורים להשכרה בגדרה לתקופות קצרות_

Accommodation in Israel, Room 2 Rent, B&B, Bed and Breakfast, Zimmer, Hotel, vacation rentals.

Gedera is close to Kanot junction, Rehovot, Rehovot, Mazkeret Batya, Gederot, Ashdod, Bilu, 
and Sitriya. 
The best place for accommodation in the central district of Israel.


Like Home's suites has its separate private entrance, 2 big rooms, 1 Kitchen, double bed, double sofa, 2 single bed, shower, toilet, small private garden with plants, garden furniture, BBQ equipment, Free Wi-Fi internet, cable TV and big flat LCD screen.


Like Home's staff will do the best to make sure you enjoy your stay and feel as comfortable as like home.


Like Home offers a private suite for your family or for your 5-6 friends group. 


Like Home's guests are people that come to visit friends, families, workers at far projects from home, businessmen's, tourists, travelers, and people accompanying patients in the Herzfeld and Kaplan hospitals and visitors in Gedera's Aleh Moriya.


Like Home, Gedera-Room-BnB also falls in the categories of hotels, flat to rent, room to rent, rentals, guesthouse, hostels, motels, rent room, lodge, rentals and mainly at the short term's accommodation.


Like Home is the best place to stay in Israel coastal plain close to beautiful Ashdod beaches, welcome to stay with locals and feel like home. Our staff will do the best to make sure you enjoy your stay and feel as comfortable like home.


Here you can see our online occupancy, availability, and prices which compete with Tel Aviv hotels, other cheap hotels in Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv accommodation solutions, as well as Jerusalem hotels and Jerusalem hostel, and in all other hostels in Israel with no shame.


Like Home is located in a quiet green residential neighborhood of Gedera close to Gedera main's street, Habiluim, which is the regional center of commerce, entertainment, and recreation for all the area. 


Gedera is located in the center Israel in the heart of the coastal plain, close to Israel's main roads: Road 4, 6, 7, 40 and 431, 30 minutes drive to Tel Aviv, 45 minutes drive to Jerusalem, 15 minute drive to Ashdod, close to Ashkelon, Rehovot and only 15 minutes drive from Israel most beautiful Ashdod coastal strip and sea beaches, 90 minute drive to the Dead Sea, and classic for star trip in south and center of Israel. 


Gedera is well known for its outstanding vast food variety, Habiluim pioneers, and wide rural agricultural tourism. 

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